Sunday, February 28, 2010

Come Summer

Come Summer

The fire upon the hearth does lay,
With grey smoke mist ascending.
I sit and watch and dream of May,
Nod awhile, just dreaming.
Of fields and flowers, soft winds blowing,
Pleasures without number.
Swimming holes and fishing poles,
Things I'll do,
Come Summer.

Day upon day just flowing by,
Nights so quickly passing.
Youth and dreams, such fragile things,
Like winter, never lasting.
But smells of honeysuckle vines,
Through my mind does wander.
Again I walk those dusty paths.
Ah - the things I'll do,
Come Summer.

Now the days are long and dry,
With hardly a breeze a'stirring.
The corn is nearly two feet high,
And I'm laying here just worrying.
My mind drifts back to cooler days,
And nights by firesides tender.
Of snow piled high,
I dream and sigh,
Oh, the things I'll do,
Come Winter.


  1. Hi Joyce. This is a beautiful blog and piece of poetry! I was just at your granddaughters blog today and she told us about you! I had to come over and say hi since Nanna's are my favorite sorts of people on the planet : )

    I hope you will write again soon!

  2. What a beautiful piece of poetry ♥

  3. What a lovely way to while away the time -- the poem is beautiful as is the blog. I wanted to thank you for being one of my newest followers. There is a little bit of sushine waiting for you over at my place. It might bring summer just a little bit closer.